aimo Pre-Booking

Campaign!Now you get free delivery when you book Aimo for 24 hours. Valid until 31/3-2021. Now you can rent an aimo for longer time (3 or 7 days) and get it delivered to you! Read more below. Do you want to have a car for shorter than 48hrs? Simply book your car directly in the aimo app.

You need to send us your booking within 24 hrs notice on weekdays (Monday-Friday), latest by Friday at 16.00.

For ex. if you want a car for a Sunday at 12.00 you need to send us your booking latest on Friday at 16.00. We will confirm your booking latest by 18.00 the weekday before your scheduled booking.

What is included?

  • Charged car (at least 200 km range during summertime)
  • Standardcable, Type 2
  • 1 childseat for children over 15 kg up to max 36 kg
  • Free parking within aimo Homezone, read about where to park free here
  • Congestion fee
  • 600 free km incl. (per rent, regardless how long time you have the car)

Once you are ready with your rent you can drop off the car anywhere within the Homezone. You don’t need to charge the car as long as the range is at least 15 km. No cost for fueling up – we will take care of that!

You can only pre-book 3 days or 1 week.
If you wish to have the car shorter time, up to 48hrs, you can easy book and pick up a car directly in the aimo app.

Book your car

01 How long time do you want to have the car?

3 days (1980 kr) 7 days (3180 kr)

Not sure what to choose? You can always prolong the rent! Keep the car and notify us by email at

The system will automatically calculate the cheapest tariff for you based upon our the regular pricelist:
7 kr/min
169 kr/hr
679 kr/5hrs
799 kr/24 hrs
1980 kr/3 day (72hrs)
3180 kr/week (168 hrs)
Extra kilometer fee, over 600 km, 3 kr/km

What days would you like to have the car?

Where would you like to pick up the car?

Write the addresss to where you would like to have the car delivered. Please note it has to be within aimo Homezone. Not sure the street is covered? Have a look in the app where the aimo Homezone ends. We will try to park your reserved car as close to the address as possible, our aim is within a 200 m radius. Write postal address, postal code and city.

Your contact info

It is important that you write the same email adress as your aimo account so that we can book the car for you.

Would you like something extra?

Extra equipments are free but you need to sign off and return at aimo office on Warfvinges Väg 30 on weekdays 8-17.